Rambati Chaudhary, Udayapur

Rambati Chaudhary was born to a jamindar family in Udayapur, that holds a dignified role in establishing many schools in Terai. Despite having support and encouragement to receive an education, young and introverted Rambati was too shy to go to school. Being heavily influenced by her politically active father, Rambati stepped into politics in 2032 B.S., and this opened her doors to the outside world. 

Rambati, now 72, founded the very first women’s group called Diyo Mahila Samuha through which she began advocating for women’s rights and equality. Having 30 years of experience in politics and social activism, she currently serves as the chairperson of WOREC, Udaypur. Throughout her life, she has been continuously fighting to eliminate social norms that exclude women participation in Tharu culture and traditional practices. 

Passionate about poetry, Tharu art and music, Rambati Chaudhary talks to Junora Maharjan and decodes some of the traditional Tharu myths and songs in the following conversation while taking us down her memory lane. 

September 16, 2020 | 12:00 PM