Amna Khatoon Halwai, Nepalgunj

Amna, in the middle, teaching children from her community

Born as a youngest child to an educated family, Amna Khatoon Halwai, 28, was showered with enough love and support to further her education and curiosity. Making the most out of the privilege, Amna studied as much as she could and took all types of training for skill and knowledge development, and from a very young age, Amna began teaching children and women from her community.

It was during her childhood and at home, where Amna was exposed to the environment of teaching and learning, which became the core value of her life. A proud and honest muslim, Amna worked as a teacher for a year and as a principal for the following two years at the same madarsa (Islamic academic institute) in Dhamboji where she received her education. After that, she has been working with various regional and international organizations to provide skills and knowledge training to young and adults, and aware them about the correct Islamic teachings on women’s rights and treatments. 

Throughout her life, many has talked behind Amna’s back, trying to prevent her from doing what she wants. But the even-tempered Amna (which is also the meaning of her name) doesn’t heed much to the pessimism and solemnly continues to do what she does best.

In the following audio conversation with Sikuma Rai, Amna Khatoon Halwai shares her sincere passion for knowledge building and her Islamic values and beliefs. 

September 18, 2020 | 12:30 PM