Kiran Kumari Jha, Mahotari

Kiran Kumari Jha, 42, also known by her pen name Kiran Jha Rasmi, was born in Jaleswor, Mahotari. Though born in an educated family, Kiran was unable to complete her studies as her father believed that marriage is more important than higher education for a girl. Despite that, she was determined to continue her academic studies even after her marriage.

Today, Kiran is a lecturer at multiple educational institutes and also works as a mediator in district high court in Janakpur where she is considered to be in the highest position within province 2. Motivated and enthusiastic about working for people of her society, Kiran takes her profession as the biggest blessing and achievement so far. She is not just involved in solving conflict related to women issues but also likes to help underprivilege and marginalized people regardless of their background. 

A social butterfly by nature and a passionate poet at heart, Kiran Kumari Jha shares with Deepa Shrestha about the happiness she finds in mediating and solving problems of her community.

September 25, 2020 | 12:00 PM