Uma Devi Badi, Tikapur

“My life stories are my wealth.” -Uma Devi Badi

Listed in the BBC top 10 most inspiring women of the world in 2018 for leading Badi movement Uma Devi Badi is an icon in the history of Nepali feminist movement. She led the movement not only for women of her community, but against all the discrimination based on untouchability, prostitution, land ownership and citizenship, and still continues to do so. 

Born in 2018 B.S. in Marke, Salyan, Uma Devi and her family, like any other Badi family, moved from village to village entertaining bureaucrats, jamindars and royals through singing and dancing. From an early age, Uma Devi resisted in participating in such acts of living and was happy doing chores for her family instead. Having experienced discrimination from society in every aspect of living, from drinking water from a regular tap to marrying the person she loves, Uma Devi started revolting against the law from a local level that gradually became to be a national rebellion. 

Who are Badi people and where do they come from? What were all the struggles that provoked Uma Devi to remove her clothes from her top half and hang from the gate of the seat of government while chanting slogans? Listen to Uma Devi Badi as she retells the precious accounts of her life with Sikuma Rai in the conversation below. 

October 7, 2020 | 11:30 A.M