Feminist Knowledge Documentation and Communication

Generate feminist knowledge through documenting  actions, voices and making it accessible stories have unique relationship with women – throughout history, story telling has connected women. stories have passed from grand- mothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters – both as keepers, and teller of stories. 

stories are powerful medium of information, and story tellers have the power to mould it. over time, men became the subject, and women became the object of story -telling. stories of women were silenced while stories of men were glorified, celebrated and established.

LOOM believes that voices and experiences of women and non-binary people have been excluded, silenced, and erased. Rights to seek information on sex, sexuality and reproductive and sexual health is misinformed censored, Rights to freedom of expression, and speech is compromised, and Rights to self- determination dominated.

Nevertheless, feminist/queer activists/theorists have left legacies of stories, alterative mediums of documenting oral histories and writing and theorised struggles, and resistance with a political stand never to quit

The feminist narrative is about on putting women’s voices at the center of the story, challenging the concept of victimisation, and recognition of heterogeneity across caste, culture, gender, sexuality, disability among others.